Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Needs an Alarm Clock!

"Bedroom Eyes"
5 x 7 Acrylic

Some days you just want to sleep a few minutes later, just 10 extra minutes, not even 30, but noooooooo,, not at my house!
There is that quiet but intense stare that wakes me from a dead sleep, I don't know how but it does. Perhaps it is his low "grrrrr" sound that accompanies it!
Funny how he always knows it is
5:30 am...

I am still busy playing with the camera, software and then the constant surprise of what my painting looks like on the monitor. I have tried to get it close to the real colors but there is always a chance your monitor reads colors very different than mine.
The colors are very soft all except the dark fur on his back which is a huge contrast against everything else. I was soooo tempted to add more color but had to keep reminding myself that my plan for this piece was to suggest "a rude awakening from a quiet, peaceful, dreamy place...."

Ah, so many choices, maybe I can try this again with RED , my favorite color!

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