Friday, September 24, 2010

Room With a View

                                                               6 x 6 Acrylic on Panel

Has anyone noticed how polite, well behaved and oh -so- sweet Hairy is? (ah, yes I spelled his name correctly...) 
Patiently waiting for...? 
Do NOT let this look fool you!!!! He has caused terror and unimaginable destruction. (to certain intruders!)

His brother runs around acting foolish , but Hairy, with an air of sophistication and class views the scene and when  something/someone worthy of his attention comes into the area, he is then out the door and ready to attack.

Oh, did I mention that his target are the dreaded and feared "lizards" of Houston? His family sleeps well at night knowing they are safe from them...
 (In case you were wondering, he spends hours fixing his hair, yes, he is a good looking boy!)

I am glad to be back painting! 
 I chose this  lovable guy for my subject as I was trying out some new paint and wanted to see how it handled both transparent and opaque applications. His fur and then the slick surfaces in the area next to him created a contrast that the paint handled quite well.
I have to confess I also acquired a new brush from a line I had not tried before. So far, so good and I will be happy to recommend it in a few days if it still holds up.

In case anyone is interested I use an online store for the majority of my supplies.
They have a large inventory, good customer service and GREAT prices!
Hope to include a list of other sources I use in case anyone needs it. Please feel free to share any sources you may have and I will post it.

Thank you again for visiting and I am sorry I was "out"  the past 2 days.
See you tomorrow!

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