Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before Facebook

Friend Request
7 x 5 Acrylic Panel

A way to keep in contact with people.
A place to visit friends without getting out of your “fuzzy slippers”.
A tool to meet new friends all over the world.
Joey heard about this and since he does not leave the “homestead” very often he decided to give it a try and has his own facebook page, Joey Woof. (you won’t believe it, I think he has someone help him though...)
BUT there was life before Facebook.....and this “daily dog painting” reflects a simple concept, “Face to Face Friend Request”!
I was happy to record this event and the request was accepted and now they are friends!
More to come!
Composition/Design.... This painting is a bit different in it’s layout but wanted to use the strong vertical elements to offfset the patterns of the shadows and contrasting dogs. I simplified the colors to allow for the variety of shapes and textures to stand out.
I was busy cleaning out the studio today as I painted and that prompted several discoveries and more things I “have” to paint. Oh well....perhaps I work better with my materials all around!
Here is to a great week ahead!
Thank you for visiting!

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