Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let Me Explain...Please?

                                                               "Excuses, Excuses"       
                                                                7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel
Have you ever left the house, all things in good condition, nothing with teeth marks except last night’s leftovers and then come home too.....UH OH!
Yep, you know the drill, “Did you eat the rug in the kitchen?” What kind of answer do expect to get....
Let me share with you one answer, “Oh No, that’s not MY DNA on that rug, I’m just holding the evidence in my bed till you got home, it belongs to a friend of mine!” 
Has anyone EVER heard anything like that before?
Ok, now on to how I captured this moment of “truth telling”!
I played with a different set of colors, blue, a little green and a dash of, yep you called it, red!
The overall color was a bit of teal or whatever name you want to give to an electric dark green or perhaps to you artists out there, a thalo green plus cobalt and a tad of something else...Fun! I am always challenged with the eyes and it becomes a game to see if I can capture the "look".
The photo is not exact but I am still working on it plus it is raining outside and so I can’t photograph outside today, oops....
This daily painting is interesting  and I am really loving this challenge.
I encourage you to join me and paint, draw, scribble or write something daily to express yourself and enjoy!
Before I go, I am remembering all day and in prayer for all the families involved in the events  that occurred on 09/11/01 and that includes you and me. We are all affected and I bow my head as this day comes to a close but the memories live on...

Thank you for visiting with me!

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