Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traveling With a Friend

"Green Light"
7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel

Two friends out walking caught my eye and I tried to capture that moment in time as they crossed the city street . One was focused on getting across, the other, daydreaming. Can you tell who the dreamer was?

I used a softer look to try to reflect the dreamy state the boy seemed to be in. Perhaps the heat or just that age!
I was challenged to not include other details such as other people, buildings, etc.
It is October tomorrow but it still seems like summer!
Thank you for stopping in!


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News Flash!

"Hot Flash"
7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel

Breaking news, cold front, only 85 degrees today!
Are you crazy! It's HOT. It's still HOT!
H - O - T
YES it's crazy HOT!

Uh, what, hot? No, I'm ok, it feels good out.

HHHMMM, they think I over reacted, they think I'm having a "Hot Flash", what's that?

Today I continued with the blue/purple dog colors and don't know what I think about it except to say it felt great to play around with the colors.
Maybe I was just reacting to the "heat"!

Would love to hear what you think, good or bad!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finders Keepers

5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

Don't you remember the expression, "Finders Keepers" ? This little girl must have heard it from someone and she is  feeling good about her claim. I don't believe the blanket will get away from her but it seems to be unharmed.
I always say, puppies are cute for a reason....survival!
Painting in the daytime has been much easier, I am awake! The colors I used today , aaahhhh I really enjoyed this! I might be finding my way back to a style I used to employ and it just feels good!!!!!
A bit of color theory is in there , but I let it sit in the back of my mind and just painted.

I encourage you to keep an art journal, sketch or paint often...It can't help but be good for you. We are made to create! 

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, What An Angel!

5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

I am not going to be fooled by this girl! She may look angelic but can she really be that perfect? Is there terrier (trouble) blood in her? Here is a little secret, she runs circles (big ones) around Joey and makes him look old and worn out in comparison. Oh, she seems sweet enough when sitting still...
All kidding aside, she is a great little dog (niece) and is full of energy! This painting's name really reflects the relationship between her and her dad.
They own each other!
She is Joey's cousin  and we hope to see her soon!

Yesterday I had a malfunction with, ME! I was working along trying out a color combo I don't always use when I just ran into a I just packed up my toys and went home.
Sorry I did not post a new dog yesterday.
Some days the painting wins then hopefully I win the other days...
So, in closing, this was quite a pose to capture!

Thank you for looking, please leave a comment if you like, I enjoy hearing from you!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keep It Simple!

      6 x 6 Acrylic on Panel


Do you need...? YES!
Do you want a ...? YES!
Are you hungry? "YES!
Do you want to go...? YES!
Are you a good boy? YES!

Now wait just a minute, aren't you a little quick with the affirmative, one word, simplistic,  no fuss answer? I would like you to slow down and stop being so demanding! A little companionship and pretending to enjoy my long winded conversations would be the least you could do in order to receive
a treat,
a ride,

This guy is  Joey's cousin (so since Joey is my kid, then I guess he is my relation too, hmmm.) and he is quite a character! I used the 6 x 6 size again  and like working with the square format. The eyes win today as I decided to go for a close up and had a good time playing with all of the colors in the fur and the  reflections in the eyes.
Of course these 'Daily Dogs' have to be done quickly  so I can't detail them as I would if I had forever to work on them but I think the spontaneity works well at times.

These are happy colors and remind me of the home he lives in....Hope he is being a
 "good boy"!

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for spending a moment with me!
 See you soon..


Friday, September 24, 2010

Room With a View

                                                               6 x 6 Acrylic on Panel

Has anyone noticed how polite, well behaved and oh -so- sweet Hairy is? (ah, yes I spelled his name correctly...) 
Patiently waiting for...? 
Do NOT let this look fool you!!!! He has caused terror and unimaginable destruction. (to certain intruders!)

His brother runs around acting foolish , but Hairy, with an air of sophistication and class views the scene and when  something/someone worthy of his attention comes into the area, he is then out the door and ready to attack.

Oh, did I mention that his target are the dreaded and feared "lizards" of Houston? His family sleeps well at night knowing they are safe from them...
 (In case you were wondering, he spends hours fixing his hair, yes, he is a good looking boy!)

I am glad to be back painting! 
 I chose this  lovable guy for my subject as I was trying out some new paint and wanted to see how it handled both transparent and opaque applications. His fur and then the slick surfaces in the area next to him created a contrast that the paint handled quite well.
I have to confess I also acquired a new brush from a line I had not tried before. So far, so good and I will be happy to recommend it in a few days if it still holds up.

In case anyone is interested I use an online store for the majority of my supplies.
They have a large inventory, good customer service and GREAT prices!
Hope to include a list of other sources I use in case anyone needs it. Please feel free to share any sources you may have and I will post it.

Thank you again for visiting and I am sorry I was "out"  the past 2 days.
See you tomorrow!

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A New Day

Good Morning! 
It is going to be a great day! Progress on the restoration has been made so I can see that I will be able to work in my studio. I will be posting a new " Daily Dog" later today.
I am anxious to get started again, I have many new ideas.
See  you soon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strange Day at the Studio

12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas

Today was a mixture of one surprise after another. The result of which I was not able to get to my studio and sadly I could not paint anything today. I know there are a few hours left in the day but due to the nature of the "surprise construction/renovation" I have to admit defeat. I hope this will be resolved tomorrow but not sure. I am busy sketching and taking photos though, so I am still working!

 This is a photo of  a recently finished painting that I have taken my time with. Don't you love that crazy hair! You can tell his mom is an artist! (ok, don't call the authorities, I have not actually colored his hair like that, it's just how I see him, colorful!)

You too can have your dog painted with orange, purple, yellow and blue hair!!!

Thank you for reading this and hope to be on track soon. You know there is a story brewing...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Answer To An Old Question

7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel

Run chicken run.
Run, run, run!

When I saw this I had to laugh! Joey had his eye on the prize and it was quite a stand off.
Yes, the chicken finally crossed the road, to get...?

Today I played with a medium I seldom use yet talk about often in my classes, slow-dri blending medium. It made for a delicious juicy mixture that I applied with a round brush.
I am shaking my head at how once again, the photo pulls different colors but I think you can see what I tried to do.
I really liked the effect. Question, will I like it tomorrow after my first cup of coffee?

Thank you for stopping by!
Feel free to comment, always enjoy the interaction.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Watching You!

"Just Kidding"
5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

Fenced in on a bright sunny day contemplating a possible escape.
Hmmm, could I jump over, dig under or  maybe just learn to smile and convince someone to take me for a run?
I'm not cute but my mom loves me!
I wish she didn't have these fences though...

I fell in love with the dance of light and  shadows. I got carried away at first and had to clean up all the little pieces of shadow. I know, I am using blue and orange again but it just screamed those colors. I let all the patterns take center stage and kept the colors to a minimum.
The application is a little loose and appears without thought but actually I am applying several layers of similar colors and the photo does not quite capture it.

It has been a hectic few days but looking forward to finding new corners of the world to share!

Thank you for stopping by!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Demo Dog Part III

Sometimes you just have to scream "WALK AWAY FROM THE PAINTING!!!"

Okay, maybe I don't need to scream at myself but a strong dragging motion would work too.

This painting (see previous 2 posts) was painted with a plan in mind to be "loose, carefree, colorful, expressive, etc." and so now that I am working on it at my studio I am standing at a fork in the road. Continue and paint as intended or go in the direction of more realistic colors, shapes, etc.

Because of this stage before me, I am putting it on the wall and will stare at it and throw paint on it as I feel lead.

Have any of you been here before? It is common in the painting process to get to the "ugly or oh no" stage. What must be learned is that you have permission to stop, re evaluate your decisions and proceed at your pace.

Yes it is just a painting, but can't we apply this to many things?

It is raining today  and I am enjoying the sound and also the soft gray that colors the world outside my window. Sometimes the eyes need a rest. Aaahhh...

When this painting is finished I will post the outcome... now, I am on to another one!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demo Dog Part II

Here we are day 2 and this photo shows a little more work on it from the previous day.

 I have to admit that I had little time today but went back and forth into my studio, a few moments here and there. these photos will show just a "bit" of a difference but notice that it takes just a few strokes to make a change at times.
When you see the last one today please know it is NOT DONE!

Stay tuned and thanks for letting me share my journey!

This painting is meant to be done in a more expressive application than some of my other large paintings, so yes, I wanted the red to show!

(I photographed these in my studio with a little too much yellow light, sorry!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Demo at HCAA (Houston Civic Art Association) 09/17/2010

Today I am not showing a "Daily" dog but instead the "Demo" dog.

I was asked to demo a painting using acrylics and I chose this little character to be my model.

In preparation for today I started the painting at my studio then worked more on it there, talked w- a -y too much, and promised I would finish it and then post the journey on here.

In my talks I try to squeeze in info about the materials, techniques and even some actual painting occurs.

Acrylic paints are a fun and exciting medium.  Although frustrating at times, they can be used in so many ways. I tell my students I always like to bring my "toy" box of materials so we can explore all the paints and mediums plus a few other things thrown in.

The first photo shows I have painted the canvas red, then sketched my subject on there in charcoal.

Next I am quickly blocking in some color sticking with a pre- determined color scheme of violet, green and orange. (long story, had to be there!)

A tease of an explanation of my process for this painting is that I want it to be colorful and a loose portrayal of the subject.(His story will be told in another post!)
Ok, I am not showing what I did at the meeting, only the next step done at my studio.  Tomorrow's  post will include that plus the finished painting.

WHOAH!!!! I know it's scary, and I took a deep breath too. I hate to leave you in suspense but like any good "daytime show", it is friday and well.....stay tuned for the next episode!

A big thank you to HCAA for having me!

Thanks for visiting and please consider following my blog, comments are always welcome too! See you tomorrow...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not On The First Date!

5 x 7 Acrylic on panel

This moment of curiosity was captured years ago between the son of a good friend and the infamous "Bruiser".
I was quick with the camera and like any proud parent always ready to capture the milestones in my furry child's life.
I use photos to create these daily paintings as there is too much wiggling going on and the majority of the models are not interested in posing on demand. You know, has to be their idea!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off The Clock

Break Time
5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

Sometimes it’s appropriate to stop and take some time to smell the roses or maybe even a few wild flowers!
Ever watchful for intruders, including the careless squirrel, this girl is found enjoying a moment of peace. We could learn from dogs, although much work is needed to be done, a break or two to refresh is important as well!
Enjoy the moment and notice what is around you, I remind myself to appreciate my time  here. It is short.
A little about the painting process:
Loose interpretation of the object, not so easy. Tempting to work too long and capture each eyelash...
I used the blue/orange light with the green grass and also in the white of the dog. I hope it reads as a sunny day and portrays a relaxing time.
Spending time with your four-legged friend can help you relax and maybe lower your blood pressure. That’s my Rx for the day!
Thank you for stopping and reading, I appreciate that and hope to see you again.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Should This Be Allowed?

7 x 5 Acrylic on panel

This painting of Joey was done from a photo that has been seen on  facebook and  other places. I was there when the action occurred and was trying to yank the apple from his mouth. No, it was not coming out. Mine he screamed with his eyes! (plus his teeth sunk into it and there was no letting go...)

I have heard from some that apples are fine
 for him to eat. I suppose it's okay since he eats everything else out back ,and an apple I at least recognize!
If anyone knows if fruit is on the approved list for a dog let me know, curious about this, but then he loves hot sauce and chili peppers...that will be another  daily painting.
I chose  to use neutral colors in his hair this time to let the apple show. It is easily lost in his mouth and all his fur.
 I was tempted to make it a red apple, but  decided it was time to back off the red, just once!

Thank you for your time and I will be sharing some photos on the stages of a painting very soon. The painting and posting has been a great way to make me learn more about my computer and camera. I have to admit I prefer the paint but this blog and the Internet will allow me to visit with you and share in my journey!

I would love to hear from you and welcome all comments, good or bad!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost Art of Needlework

Beyond Repair
5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

I see trouble!

A sweater looked soft and fun to roll around on, then I had to taste it,  t - h - e - n  my teeth accidentally locked onto the yarn...
Really, an accident!
I have heard my teeth called needles, maybe I can fix this? 
 (I believe  the little girl said all of that)

The sharp baby teeth of a puppy are like needles. They are used to eat food and so much more!
She fortunately has such a sweet face and so she survived the sweater destruction.
 (close call!)
I guess God knew he had to make puppies cute in order for them to survive...

I am sad to say that I have not mastered the ability to capture the correct color of the painting between the camera and the computer,  but on my way. The background is actually more of a "green/blue turquoise" and was the part of the painting that jumps out to me. I planned that color to be accented by the bits of red (doesn't show as well either in the photo) and so the red/orange in a small dose amid the green/blue  was the spice of the piece.

That goofy look and the expression as she tried to untangle her tooth from the sweater, oh funny!
Thank you for visiting with me!
Would be nice to sit and have a cup of coffee and and laugh over some crazy dog stories.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before Facebook

Friend Request
7 x 5 Acrylic Panel

A way to keep in contact with people.
A place to visit friends without getting out of your “fuzzy slippers”.
A tool to meet new friends all over the world.
Joey heard about this and since he does not leave the “homestead” very often he decided to give it a try and has his own facebook page, Joey Woof. (you won’t believe it, I think he has someone help him though...)
BUT there was life before Facebook.....and this “daily dog painting” reflects a simple concept, “Face to Face Friend Request”!
I was happy to record this event and the request was accepted and now they are friends!
More to come!
Composition/Design.... This painting is a bit different in it’s layout but wanted to use the strong vertical elements to offfset the patterns of the shadows and contrasting dogs. I simplified the colors to allow for the variety of shapes and textures to stand out.
I was busy cleaning out the studio today as I painted and that prompted several discoveries and more things I “have” to paint. Oh well....perhaps I work better with my materials all around!
Here is to a great week ahead!
Thank you for visiting!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let Me Explain...Please?

                                                               "Excuses, Excuses"       
                                                                7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel
Have you ever left the house, all things in good condition, nothing with teeth marks except last night’s leftovers and then come home too.....UH OH!
Yep, you know the drill, “Did you eat the rug in the kitchen?” What kind of answer do expect to get....
Let me share with you one answer, “Oh No, that’s not MY DNA on that rug, I’m just holding the evidence in my bed till you got home, it belongs to a friend of mine!” 
Has anyone EVER heard anything like that before?
Ok, now on to how I captured this moment of “truth telling”!
I played with a different set of colors, blue, a little green and a dash of, yep you called it, red!
The overall color was a bit of teal or whatever name you want to give to an electric dark green or perhaps to you artists out there, a thalo green plus cobalt and a tad of something else...Fun! I am always challenged with the eyes and it becomes a game to see if I can capture the "look".
The photo is not exact but I am still working on it plus it is raining outside and so I can’t photograph outside today, oops....
This daily painting is interesting  and I am really loving this challenge.
I encourage you to join me and paint, draw, scribble or write something daily to express yourself and enjoy!
Before I go, I am remembering all day and in prayer for all the families involved in the events  that occurred on 09/11/01 and that includes you and me. We are all affected and I bow my head as this day comes to a close but the memories live on...

Thank you for visiting with me!

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