Sunday, September 19, 2010

Demo Dog Part III

Sometimes you just have to scream "WALK AWAY FROM THE PAINTING!!!"

Okay, maybe I don't need to scream at myself but a strong dragging motion would work too.

This painting (see previous 2 posts) was painted with a plan in mind to be "loose, carefree, colorful, expressive, etc." and so now that I am working on it at my studio I am standing at a fork in the road. Continue and paint as intended or go in the direction of more realistic colors, shapes, etc.

Because of this stage before me, I am putting it on the wall and will stare at it and throw paint on it as I feel lead.

Have any of you been here before? It is common in the painting process to get to the "ugly or oh no" stage. What must be learned is that you have permission to stop, re evaluate your decisions and proceed at your pace.

Yes it is just a painting, but can't we apply this to many things?

It is raining today  and I am enjoying the sound and also the soft gray that colors the world outside my window. Sometimes the eyes need a rest. Aaahhh...

When this painting is finished I will post the outcome... now, I am on to another one!


  1. Hey Holly! ok here are my thoughts... I think chair is complete... pup may gain some perspective if you would darken his body and leave more light on his face. What do you think? Even his shadowy area in front may need a little darker gray. Now, I may be totally and completely off don't take my word for it! Just throwing out a bone! Love Love Love you!

  2. wow, thanks! that's it...he is flat without depth! When I added a bit of blue for shadow and then orange for light, it wasn't enough...It helps to have another "eye"!!! I will give it a try tomorrow. It's all I can do to not touch the chair, I will hold off for a while on that. Once the lil guy is ok then the chair will probably be fine...
    Just like the 'ole days painting together, love it!

  3. Sometimes the eyes need a rest...I like that!!! Yes, I do!


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