Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Post of this Blog!

"The Dude"

This is my first post of this blog and instead of it being a photo of a new dog painting, I am instead sharing the image of a painting of mine from long ago!

Ah, this dog was "The One", my constant source of entertainment and amusement. He knew how to "Strike a Pose" and oh, yes it was the '80's!

Holly n' Bruiser, that was our name....

I painted this on a large canvas (for a Yorkie,  30 x 24 was a Texas size canvas for a Texas sized spirit!) and in an attempt to capture his personality I chose bright colors and exaggerated brushstrokes. The colors reflected a child's palette to further express his constant  energy and love of life. He brought out the child in me!

Yes,  "Bruiser", he was that dog for me that only shows up once if you are so blessed.

Here's to a daily adventure sharing paintings of dogs and a "tale or 2!!!!" about them!

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