Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, What An Angel!

5 x 7 Acrylic on Panel

I am not going to be fooled by this girl! She may look angelic but can she really be that perfect? Is there terrier (trouble) blood in her? Here is a little secret, she runs circles (big ones) around Joey and makes him look old and worn out in comparison. Oh, she seems sweet enough when sitting still...
All kidding aside, she is a great little dog (niece) and is full of energy! This painting's name really reflects the relationship between her and her dad.
They own each other!
She is Joey's cousin  and we hope to see her soon!

Yesterday I had a malfunction with, ME! I was working along trying out a color combo I don't always use when I just ran into a I just packed up my toys and went home.
Sorry I did not post a new dog yesterday.
Some days the painting wins then hopefully I win the other days...
So, in closing, this was quite a pose to capture!

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