Sunday, May 19, 2019

Contemporary Landscape, Architectural Painting,Sunrise, Morning Shadows "DAYBREAK", by Passionate Purposeful Painter Holly Hunter Berry

I'm always early for appointments. As I was standing around waiting for my day to begin the morning I saw this scene I was captivated by the strong sunlight on the back of the old building and as a result of the yellow glow on the building the shadows leaned towards purple. I did exaggerate the colors but I wanted to draw the viewer into the scene to suggest we look again at the simple shapes the light can reveal and to also realize that even the shadows have color and a story to tell. The shadows are just waiting for the Light to move over them to expose their beauty. Maybe you can discover some depth to an otherwise ordinary much to discover! Enjoy the day and the Light that leads the way!

24"x18"x1.5" Acrylic on Canvas/Available

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