The DAILY DOG Paintings

What, "d a r n"  dog? are talking about the "Daily Dog"!

What is "The Daily Dog"?

There are many subjects that have landed on my canvases over the years and one of my favorites is the "DOG". Yep, I like dogs. No, I should say I LUV them.... I understand they are not people, yet they are "some of the best people I know"!

Painting dogs,  their friends and their world is "A Good Time"!

I started this blog so I can share my experiences painting all the above and add a bit of my life and a dash of humor. We could all use a good laugh at times and some days a hearty chuckle is my best exercise...

The goal is to post a completed painting (the small "gem" size) or at least an update of my progress on my larger paintings daily. The small paintings will have a story and at times there will be a series. I have several directions I plan to run with this blog so things will either become "interesting" or the project of one that is "attention deprived"!

I appreciate you visiting and looking at my work. I welcome all comments as it helps me grow as an artist.

The 5" x 7" or  6" x 6" paintings are mostly done with acrylic on a prepared  board.
Pricing starts at $100 and shipping costs will be determined. Sales tax applies in Texas.

Each post will have purchase info also.
As this blog progresses I will add more explanations but for now if you have any questions please email me 

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