Friday, October 29, 2010

All Tied Up...

Now What?

Okay, okay, okay...
Joey, as you can see above, loves to take things to extremes!!!
I simply said to him that I could NOT play right now as I was
 "all tied up with a new project".

Okay, here is what I was trying to explain to him.
I have been working on a new painting with some different materials and it is exciting to try something new (to me anyway...) I did not bring it to a point that I felt I could post yet and so when it is a bit further along I will. It is colorful and full of texture with some extra materials.
This could take longer than I thought but this is what creating is all about...adventure!!!

Joey was promised that I would take a break and go play outside. This is great weather right now so I will,very soon. 

Don't worry, "no animal was harmed during the developing of this post!"

Have a wonderful day and make something good happen!

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