Monday, October 25, 2010

Dad's Home!

6 x 6 Acrylic on Panel

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Dad's Home.
It's dinner time.
I am hungry.
He is eating.
 I am watching.
I want  food.
I want his food.
Dad said NO.
Do you know what I am thinking?

Another try at this sweet girl, Joey's cousin. I applied the paints in a watery free flowing application today with numerous layers. The slick gessoed surface works well with this and I limited the amount of paint applied with thick brushstrokes. I was going for a transparent near watercolor look.
Black dogs are a challenge to paint, especially since I don't use black paint!
 I suppose I was in a hurry to photograph this because it looks lighter that it really is. 
I am always learning something! It would be boring if I knew how to do all of this perfectly. On my to-do list, learn photoshop (hah!), study camera manual and class notes (yea, right...) and then paint my "Daily Dogs" faster...
On that note...

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