Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sitting Pretty

7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel

Looks can be deceiving...
Not that she is up to anything...
I think she just found a way to convince someone she could come inside and act civilized, you know, like a sweet, obedient, clean, quiet....child!
What do you think, will she last inside?

Oh I am doing the "happy dance" because I was able to upload this image without contortions and breath holding... It may be different tomorrow, but right now I am thrilled!

About the painting, I was faced with brown...BUT not me, I had to throw in some other colors.
Dogs are not just brown and dark brown, oh no, let's add some purple, orange, blue and hmm a few others!
I am still working on the painting I posted yesterday and you won't believe the mess...I am doing something a little different, perhaps I will post it next week!

Thanks for putting up with my "google/blogger glitches"!

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