Monday, October 4, 2010

Is This Where You Want Me to Stand?

Blue Statue
6 x6 Acrylic on Panel


Here he was at a neighborhood gathering when out came my camera and "FREEZE" I yelled!
Being good natured  he stood there,  then he stood some more, then finally... sat down.
I asked him his name but no answer. I later learned he was just visiting and was trying to blend in but I did not cooperate.
I  thought he was a great sample of a black lab, and wanted to photograph him, but then...I looked at his legs, oooops! You can't see it in this painting, but he does not have the legs of a Black Lab.
He asked that I only paint his face! He did say I could be creative with his coloring, and so we have a painting of  a "Blue Statue"

I did find this guy at a friend's party and he was so nice! He let me move him around and try to capture a good pose. You won't believe it though, all my photos came out blurry and so this painting was done with a great deal of imagination! Exactly what I caution against...bad photos/sketches are hard to work with.

I think I captured his personality though, any comments?

Thanks for visiting and hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather
 (at least it's great here in Houston, Tx!)

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