Monday, November 1, 2010

Can You Turn off the Flash, Please!

7 x 5 Acrylic on Panel

I am not trying to photograph Joey

 (to those of you that have not been introduced, he is the furriest of my 2 kids and has 4 legs unlike my other one...) ALL off the time, he just thinks I am.
I admit this was a more "in his face" kind of pose and,  yes, I suppose a bit bright!
He was a happy guy after having just come in from a romp amongst the cacti, chasing lizards.
(Yes, he runs through the cacti, and no , do not report me! He somehow does it and fortunately the little green visitors are usually left unharmed as well. Not a sight for a mother to watch!)

Joey's fur and eyes do look different in some of the photos I take but this one I chose to use and paint him by exaggerating the light and have the fur be close to white on his face to contrast against his eyes and nose. I of course  had to play with colors in the fur. It was hard to stop!
I enjoyed this and could spend hours more on it...

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