Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am Having Too Much Fun!

I posted info about this painting the other day and since then I have been working on it using paper, to paint it. 
Yep, it is also called collage.
Or, perhaps a "Glorious Mess"!
A way to apply paint/paper in an impressionistic fashion, and have great texture. 
I have worked with mixed media and collage before but now I will be trying a variation of what I had previously done.
I am sharing the journey and will be posting as it progresses.

Now at the end of today, here is what I have done so far.
I would caution against an opinion yet as it is in the "block - in" stage. 
(the base for the rest of the painting)
 I will say I ran out of certain colors, sooo off to paint some more!

It is hard to see in this photo all the little pieces of torn paper I adhered to the canvas.
Next post I will include a close up so I can share what the texture looks like.
I will be adding many more layers of other colors plus more charcoal, paint etc.

Thank you for visiting, stay tuned for more "tails"!

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