Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Someone Is Telling Stories!

  I patiently sat and listened to a lengthy excuse as to why I needed to stop everything and drive Joey around town.
He needed to go visiting. 
 As he explained it, he is grateful for all his friends and family. 
This is the Thanksgiving Season, he demanded! 
Does anyone out there think that just maybe  he is hoping to pick up a little extra food!
(Just a reminder "Big Joe", your friend, the Vet, mentioned that you were not exactly "fat" just STURDY!  Hah!)

I confess that Joey has not been the entire reason I have been "misssing".
I have been blessed with  extra commissions (several unsuspecting people will be getting surprised this Christmas!) and along with a few Holiday activities around the household, I have been SWAMPED!

I will probably be posting "Daily Dogs" as I can throughout the rest of the year as I tackle some projects.

I will add that if you have considered giving a gift of a pet portrait this year, I do have a window of time that I can still make the deadline. It all depends on the type of painting requested. 
Also, I have gift certificates for paintings and classes.
Just email me for info if you are interested.

Thank you for visiting and maybe you will see us out and about in Houston if you are in the area!

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